eat pastryI couldn’t believe my eyes when I stumbled upon Eat Pastry at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I have never seen it in person before so it was a must buy, especially with it being on sale for 2.98. I had a little taste of out the container and loved it right away. I was so anxious to put it in the oven; my cookies never come out good, the few times I have tried at least. While watching them in the oven, I noticed that somehow the oven magically turned off. The cause of the non-cooking and melting cookies was now solved. In the end, they were too flat and hard, but still tasty. Hopefully the next batch will be much better. Have you tried this flavor or any of the other ones? Please feel free to comment on you experiences with this yummy vegan cookie dough.


The first batch is gone, except for one lonesome cookie. I might have had two of them this morning with homemade almond butter. Ok, I did and it was so worth it. With one remaining, I had to make a second batch this afternoon; keeping a close eye on them so that they would come out as perfect as possible. I urged my mom to try one and she seemed to like it well enough. It is great when a non-vegan can enjoy a vegan cookie. I will be enjoying these for the next few days.

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