Dave’s Killer Bread

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I finally decided to give Dave’s Killer Bread a try and I was not disappointed at all. I used the 21 whole grains bread for my yummy filled vegan sandwich last night. It was composed of half an avocado, slices of mushroom, nutritional yeast, sea salt, one piece of green lettuce, and the black bean engine 2 diet patty. A filling and satisfying dinner that was accompanied with 3 stalks of celery and half a cucumber, one mushroom, and the other half of avocado to dip in. I am planning to make it again soon, but with flax tempeh instead. If you haven’t tried their bread yet and are interested, the link to their site is at the bottom of the post.

Any yummy add-ins for vegan sandwiches, if you have had any of engine 2 diet patties, or Dave’s Killer Bread, I would love to know in the comment section.


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