Lauren's Blog 029As a customer of a home delivery service for close to a year now, I have had the advantage of having fresh produce when I am unable to shop at Whole Foods. I stumbled upon Artizone this past week; it is an online food community that delivers to Chicago and Dallas areas. Almost immediately I was drawn to Artizone by the user-friendly site, the prices of organic produce, the 20 dollars for the first order, and the fact that you can choose the day you want the delivery. I received my first one yesterday and have already ordered my next one for next week. Groupon even offers 3 deals for Artizone, which I took advantage of. For my first order, I chose a head of romaine lettuce, 3 kiwis, 3 navel oranges, 2 lbs of red and green grapes, one pineapple, a bag of celery, a package of flax crackers, a bag of frozen organic strawberries, a bunch of organic bananas, and a package of Twofold Quinoa Granola. I was so excited to receive this order and happy to have some more fresh produce for the next few days. The granola is from a company that I have not heard of before, but that I hope to be having more of in the near future. The convenience of a service as such is very beneficial for those that may not have the time to grocery shop on a weekly basis.

Of course my cat Tiger, sleeping in the Door to Door organics box, has to see what I was up to in the kitchen.


For more information on Artizone and if you are located in an area that they deliver, check out their service,

If you wish to be referred for their service, please leave a comment for this post.


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