Navitas Naturals

Lauren's Blog 027Navitas Naturals offers a large variety superfoods, snacks, powders, and much more. I was lucky enough to win a $200 gift last July on their site and purchased many of their great products along with a super food cookbook. I still have many of those foods in my collection and recently bought their hemp seeds on Spencer’s Market. One of their new snacks is Cacao Goji Superfood. I received this snack from the company and was so excited to try it this week. As all of their foods are, this snack was nutritious and tasty. As a snack or treat, you really only need one to satisfy your sweet tooth as it is rich because of the cacao powder and quite chewy as well. It contains many of the healthy ingredients such as organic cacao powder, chia seed, maca powder, goji powder, and the list goes on. With all of their ingredients being organic, I have to say that they are a superb company. I am definitely a loyal customer of Navitas Naturals and will purchase from them in the near future.

To learn more about Navitas Naturals, click the link


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