Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates

sjaaks chocolate

I had the great pleasure in tasting an assortment of the delicious chocolates from Sjaak’s Organic Chocolates. Previously, I tried a number of their products and was very excited to try more. Sharing vegan chocolate is a must for me, thus my mom and boyfriend were treated with some chocolates as well. The box of chocolate mints were quite tasty; a great serving size, chocolatey, and delicious. My mom even enjoyed having a couple; the rest I so generously gave to my boyfriend in hopes that he would have his mom try them too. The Eli’s bars which I have a few times before are great dessert options rather than having dairy filled chocolate bars with unknown and unhealthy ingredients. The four sea salt caramels were ginger, orange, almond, and hazelnut; they were all bite sized pieces of caramel heaven. Lastly, the chocolate truffle assortment included such flavors as cherry, coconut, blueberry, almond and more. I am a sucker for all things vegan chocolate, so I was happy to try some and of course share them as well. Each had its own unique taste and could satisify any sweet tooth, vegan or not. If you have yet to have the opportunity to have their chocolates, I would highly recommended them.

To learn more, follow this link:

P.S -giveaway on their Facebook page


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