Two Fold

I really enjoyed the quinoa granola that I purchased for the first time from my initial Artizone order that was featured in a previous post. Speaking directly to those that work for this grocery delivery home service, I had the opportunity to talk to other vegans and place my input/feedback about what vegan foods I would like to see offered on the site. It was great to talk to Paula from Twofold and have the chance to try their other foods. Receiving their samples this past weekend was a great surprise since I have been sick all of last week; thankfully I am finally feeling better. Thus, having a healthy snack to turn to was good to have on hand. I was given the full product of classic granola of which is wholesome, healthy, and tasty. It can be packed to have on the go or can be added to other vegan foods like yogurts and cereals. As for the pistachio granola, it was similar to the classic, but with pistachios of course and the addition of currants. I enjoyed equally both and having snacked on them plenty, I gave the remaining granola to my mom. She liked them as well and thought the glazed almonds were yummy too, but not as sweet as she would have liked. My first impression was that they maple syrup made the almonds into a satisifying choice as a treat to snack on without feeling guilty one bit. The last sample were savory nuts with spices that created the taste of those pizza combos that I ate on occasion before I changed my lifestyle. Of course, these almonds, cashews, and pecans are a great alternative to that “food”. I most likely will purchase from Twofold in the future and share with my mom again, as well as have my boyfriend try them too. My hope is that the company will have more products in the future as well.

To learn more about Twofold, take a look their site.


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