Brad’s Raw Foods

The raw food community has grown rapidly as well as the companies that produce raw foods. As for Brad’s Raw Foods, they offer raw chips and crackers, kale, and dog snacks. I was so excited to have the chance to review these two products and received them this afternoon. While preparing my healthy snacks, I quickly opened the box and had a few chips and kale. The cheddar chips are crunchy, light, and cheesy. The best benefit of eating these raw chips as with other raw chips is all the ingredients are natural and organic. Even non-vegans would appreciate the light touch of cheddar at the first bite that increases in cheesiness as you continue to chew. The benefits of these raw chips are that they are gluten free, organic, non gmo, vegan, and of course are so tasty. It is hard to only eat a few, but I had to try. As for the Vampire Killer Kale, it took a little time to decide which kale flavor I was most interested. I wanted to choose one that didn’t seem it would be overly hot because I am not keen on eating spicy foods. I was gladly surprised that the kale was quite crunchy and with enough garlic and the taste of a vegan cheese for it to be satisfying, but not overwhelming. After having a few, I can say that the kale is very fresh and a great alternative to fattening chips. The lightness of each piece makes it a perfect snack at home or a side to a vegan meal. I hope to offer both to my mom and or boyfriend to get their reaction and I try many of their other products in the future. If you are interested in trying Brad’s Raw Foods, here is the site:


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