Drink Chia

Superfoods have been all the rage in the past few years since I have been vegan and have been continually been said about how beneficial they are to one’s diet. Chia seeds, being one of them can be used in several ways such as in water, juice, bars, desserts, and more. My interest in adding chia seeds in a new way was found when I was given the four flavors of Drink Chia. I was curious to see how each tasted and what the benefits of the chia seeds were for the drinks. While water is my main source of hydration each day, it was a great alternative to bring the Strawberry Citrus to school this past week. It had a sweet strawberry taste that wasn’t to overwhelming, but just right. The chia seeds added a different texture while drinking as well. I finished that one, but have only dabbled in the others so that they last more than a day. The Mango Tangerine is a citrusy, orange flavor that is similar to fresh orange juice. While I felt that the Honeysuckle Pear and Lemon Blueberry tasted more like apple juice, one sweeter than the other. Overall, each flavor was refreshing and the nutritional benefits are great with over a 100% of Niacin, Vitamin B12, Zinc, and Vitamin B6. I would try these again in the future and hope to see new flavors in the future. Anyone that has yet to try chia seeds, this is a perfect way to do so and share a bottle with a friend as well.

To try a sample pack online, go to: http://www.drinkchianow.com/

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