Goody Good Stuff

While I try my best to eat a good amount of whole, unprocessed foods, it is fun to have vegan candies now and then. I wouldn’t recommend eating such goodies everyday, but to treat oneself or give out on Halloween, isn’t a big deal. My boyfriend and I tried each flavor and I liked the Summer Peaches the best as they were sweet and chewy, but didn’t stick to your teeth like some chewy sweets can. The two sour mixes had just a touch of sour and then tasted sweet to me. As for the Cola Breeze, it reminded me of root beer candies of which I am not a huge fan of, but my mom might be if I have her try them out. The company also offers 4 vegetarian varieties for those that aren’t vegan. The packaging includes a cute little Koala Bear and the states that the candies are gelatin free, gluten free, fat free, dairy free, and contain no artificial ingredients. I would be interested to see more vegan flavors for the future with fewer and more natural ing. probably. As I said before, these gummies would be a great alternative to non-vegan candy for certain occasions, a treat for kids, or to share with friends who have never had vegan candy. For all of you vegans that want a sweet/sour candy check these out.


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