Nakd Bars

As a frequent viewer and user of instagram, I discover new brands that are located in the U.K and other countries. It is always disappointing to find out that those foods are not sold online to ship to the U.S. Thus, I was ecstatic and couldn’t resist the chance to order from Nakd Bars since they were finally shipping to the U.S and were offering free shipping plus coupon code for a limited time. I ordered the Sampler Pack and received the box in a week’s time. I couldn’t wait to try each one, but I did share two and a half with my mom. As well, my boyfriend so kindly began opening up a handful of them and taking a bite of them for himself after a few days of receiving the box. Mostly, I was intrigued to see the difference of packaging and taste of these bars as compared to the many I have tried already. By far, my favorites was the Rhubarb & Custard, Caffe Mocha, and Ginger Bread. Each of these had a distinctive taste and were very much unlike flavor combinations I have had with other vegan bars. The bars had minimal ingredients and a good amount of protein which is a plus. They are all a perfect size to eat on the go as well or have as a dessert. I read more on the site and find out that while the ingredients aren’t organic, they are working to find a way to use such ing. in the future. While I try my best to eat mostly organic foods and ingredients, I didn’t feel too guilty with trying these out since they looked so scrumptious. My hope is that the company can sooner than later be organically certified. I would more than likely be buying these in the future as a result. By the way, you also receive two free bars with this sample pack and I would be more than happy to refer any fellow vegan that is interested in these bars.

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