Alvarado St. Barkery

While non-vegans have the impression that being vegan means restricting oneself from most foods, in fact it is the exact opposite. The world of foods only increases as ones mind in health and a cruelty-free life begins. I used to be quite picky before I was a vegetarian, but as a vegan I am much more open to trying new fruits, vegetables, grains, and superfoods. One of my favorite foods has always been bread, but not the most nutritious ones in the past. When I finally tried avocado last year and discovered that I love them, I had it on bread as I saw so many of my fellow vegans on instagram enjoying it. From then on, it has been a staple snack/meal. I have come to need a package of bread as long as I have a few avocados on hand. Once I learned how much healthier/ nutritious sprouted ingredients are, I leaned to buying from those brands that use more high quality ingredients.

I have purchased from Alvarado St. Bakery in the past and greatly enjoyed their sprouted wheat onion poppyseed. Bagels and cream cheese used to be something I ate often before I was vegan; now I much more prefer avocado as a spread or hummus if I happen to have some. I hope to soon enjoy those bagels again since they are a favorite of mine. Instead, I was very happy to purchase a free bag of the sprouted wheat bread of which I have had before. While there are several products from this company that aren’t vegan-friendly, several of the bread, 3 bagel flavors, and their tortillas are vegan-friendly.

My healthy obsession with avocado toast was easily and perfectly satisfied with the whole wheat bread. The 5 grams of protein for each slice makes this breakfast a great way to ensure I am getting protein early in the morning. Additionally, I always add hemp seeds, a little pink Himalayan seas salt, and sometimes onion/garlic powder for more flavor. This meal never gets old and can be eaten for any time of the day. The bread is hearty, filling, and most importantly healthy. When I get the chance, I will surely try out the other vegan breads as well.

As more media has been expressed in the news today about food safety and the controversy on gmo foods, it is very essential that being a consumer you are aware of what you are buying and thus putting in your body. As you learn more about healthy foods, nutrition, and how food is made, being knowledgeable about the companies you buy from is important and necessary. In regards to Alvarado, they do not use any gmo ingredients which is a plus when consuming a product with corn and soy-based lecithin. I am rest assured when purchasing from this company that I am doing what is right for my body rather than eating white bread that has no nutritional value at all.

I hope to see Alvarado St. Bakery grow and produce more healthy vegan breads. For more information, go to and see where you can buy their bread.




2 thoughts on “Alvarado St. Barkery”

  1. I just got a loaf of their bread at Fairway. I love it. I also love Ezekiel breads, and the sprouted bread from Trader Joes. All so good! And helps answer that pesky “where do vegans get their protein” question that we hate so much!

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