Nakd Bars

As a frequent viewer and user of instagram, I discover new brands that are located in the U.K and other countries. It is always disappointing to find out that those foods are not sold online to ship to the U.S. Thus, I was ecstatic and couldn’t resist the chance to order from Nakd Bars since they were finally shipping to the U.S and were offering free shipping plus coupon code for a limited time. I ordered the Sampler Pack and received the box in a week’s time. I couldn’t wait to try each one, but I did share two and a half with my mom. As well, my boyfriend so kindly began opening up a handful of them and taking a bite of them for himself after a few days of receiving the box. Mostly, I was intrigued to see the difference of packaging and taste of these bars as compared to the many I have tried already. By far, my favorites was the Rhubarb & Custard, Caffe Mocha, and Ginger Bread. Each of these had a distinctive taste and were very much unlike flavor combinations I have had with other vegan bars. The bars had minimal ingredients and a good amount of protein which is a plus. They are all a perfect size to eat on the go as well or have as a dessert. I read more on the site and find out that while the ingredients aren’t organic, they are working to find a way to use such ing. in the future. While I try my best to eat mostly organic foods and ingredients, I didn’t feel too guilty with trying these out since they looked so scrumptious. My hope is that the company can sooner than later be organically certified. I would more than likely be buying these in the future as a result. By the way, you also receive two free bars with this sample pack and I would be more than happy to refer any fellow vegan that is interested in these bars.


Goody Good Stuff

While I try my best to eat a good amount of whole, unprocessed foods, it is fun to have vegan candies now and then. I wouldn’t recommend eating such goodies everyday, but to treat oneself or give out on Halloween, isn’t a big deal. My boyfriend and I tried each flavor and I liked the Summer Peaches the best as they were sweet and chewy, but didn’t stick to your teeth like some chewy sweets can. The two sour mixes had just a touch of sour and then tasted sweet to me. As for the Cola Breeze, it reminded me of root beer candies of which I am not a huge fan of, but my mom might be if I have her try them out. The company also offers 4 vegetarian varieties for those that aren’t vegan. The packaging includes a cute little Koala Bear and the states that the candies are gelatin free, gluten free, fat free, dairy free, and contain no artificial ingredients. I would be interested to see more vegan flavors for the future with fewer and more natural ing. probably. As I said before, these gummies would be a great alternative to non-vegan candy for certain occasions, a treat for kids, or to share with friends who have never had vegan candy. For all of you vegans that want a sweet/sour candy check these out.

Drink Chia

Superfoods have been all the rage in the past few years since I have been vegan and have been continually been said about how beneficial they are to one’s diet. Chia seeds, being one of them can be used in several ways such as in water, juice, bars, desserts, and more. My interest in adding chia seeds in a new way was found when I was given the four flavors of Drink Chia. I was curious to see how each tasted and what the benefits of the chia seeds were for the drinks. While water is my main source of hydration each day, it was a great alternative to bring the Strawberry Citrus to school this past week. It had a sweet strawberry taste that wasn’t to overwhelming, but just right. The chia seeds added a different texture while drinking as well. I finished that one, but have only dabbled in the others so that they last more than a day. The Mango Tangerine is a citrusy, orange flavor that is similar to fresh orange juice. While I felt that the Honeysuckle Pear and Lemon Blueberry tasted more like apple juice, one sweeter than the other. Overall, each flavor was refreshing and the nutritional benefits are great with over a 100% of Niacin, Vitamin B12, Zinc, and Vitamin B6. I would try these again in the future and hope to see new flavors in the future. Anyone that has yet to try chia seeds, this is a perfect way to do so and share a bottle with a friend as well.

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One Bar

I received these the same day, that is why the hemp protein is pictured with the one bar. When I first transitioned into being a vegetarian I discovered the world of energy, protein, and fruit bars. I have had countless brands and love having a bar for snack at home and on the go when I need something quick to eat. It makes my day to have a bar from a new brand and share how much I love them with my fellow vegans and my mom. I first found out about one bar at the vitaminshoppe that is located very close to where I live; they have a good selection of vegan bars of which I have bought some in the past. I can even remember the day that I bought and ate One Bar on my walk home from school; it was a good snack to have for walking. The company sent me their three bars which are apple, cherry, and mango. I had one soon after opening the box and the other two the following day. If you are a fruit lover like myself, you will love these sweet snacks that is just like eating the actual fruit. The mango one was just as sweet as a mango is and quite chewy. The cherry flavor was very sweet, not sour at all, and perfect really. Lastly, the apple I enjoyed in my bio class since I was getting hungry. It tasted like tart green apples; first sweet and then sour. Each one was delicious and perfect to buy a box for yourself and friends. I can’t wait to see what flavors they have in store for the future.

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Brad’s Raw Foods

The raw food community has grown rapidly as well as the companies that produce raw foods. As for Brad’s Raw Foods, they offer raw chips and crackers, kale, and dog snacks. I was so excited to have the chance to review these two products and received them this afternoon. While preparing my healthy snacks, I quickly opened the box and had a few chips and kale. The cheddar chips are crunchy, light, and cheesy. The best benefit of eating these raw chips as with other raw chips is all the ingredients are natural and organic. Even non-vegans would appreciate the light touch of cheddar at the first bite that increases in cheesiness as you continue to chew. The benefits of these raw chips are that they are gluten free, organic, non gmo, vegan, and of course are so tasty. It is hard to only eat a few, but I had to try. As for the Vampire Killer Kale, it took a little time to decide which kale flavor I was most interested. I wanted to choose one that didn’t seem it would be overly hot because I am not keen on eating spicy foods. I was gladly surprised that the kale was quite crunchy and with enough garlic and the taste of a vegan cheese for it to be satisfying, but not overwhelming. After having a few, I can say that the kale is very fresh and a great alternative to fattening chips. The lightness of each piece makes it a perfect snack at home or a side to a vegan meal. I hope to offer both to my mom and or boyfriend to get their reaction and I try many of their other products in the future. If you are interested in trying Brad’s Raw Foods, here is the site:

Manitoba Harvest

There is a vast variety of vegan/plant based protein powders on the market of which several I have tried. For the most part, I use the powders to add protein to smoothies and occasionally when baking a snack. Hemp is largely used in different forms such as in hemp seeds, powders, and milk. Since the first time I purchased natural hemp hearts from Manitoba Harvest, I use the seeds several days every week to add protein to a meal or snack. Thus, I was interested in trying another product from this company. Just this week I received their Hemp Pro 70 and tried a half serving today in a smoothie recipe from their website. Along with using this product, I used a half cup of their Hemp Hearts that I bought recently and made hemp milk for the smoothie. The benefit of hemp protein is that it doesn’t change the taste of the blended ingredients in the smoothie and is easily digestible; the end result was a sweet and light strawberry smoothie. As for the benefits of Hemp Pro 70, they include being a complete, plant-based protein, with 20 grams of protein, 25% iron per serving, and it contains all the essential amino acids. I recommended this product to those that frequently make smoothies and want to use a protein powder that doesn’t include any chemicals and is tasteless. For those of you that are interested in this protein, a giveaway for it will be up soon; I will post in the comment section with more details.

Two Fold

I really enjoyed the quinoa granola that I purchased for the first time from my initial Artizone order that was featured in a previous post. Speaking directly to those that work for this grocery delivery home service, I had the opportunity to talk to other vegans and place my input/feedback about what vegan foods I would like to see offered on the site. It was great to talk to Paula from Twofold and have the chance to try their other foods. Receiving their samples this past weekend was a great surprise since I have been sick all of last week; thankfully I am finally feeling better. Thus, having a healthy snack to turn to was good to have on hand. I was given the full product of classic granola of which is wholesome, healthy, and tasty. It can be packed to have on the go or can be added to other vegan foods like yogurts and cereals. As for the pistachio granola, it was similar to the classic, but with pistachios of course and the addition of currants. I enjoyed equally both and having snacked on them plenty, I gave the remaining granola to my mom. She liked them as well and thought the glazed almonds were yummy too, but not as sweet as she would have liked. My first impression was that they maple syrup made the almonds into a satisifying choice as a treat to snack on without feeling guilty one bit. The last sample were savory nuts with spices that created the taste of those pizza combos that I ate on occasion before I changed my lifestyle. Of course, these almonds, cashews, and pecans are a great alternative to that “food”. I most likely will purchase from Twofold in the future and share with my mom again, as well as have my boyfriend try them too. My hope is that the company will have more products in the future as well.

To learn more about Twofold, take a look their site.

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