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A few weeks back I saw BumbleBar post one of their products on Facebook. I have previously bought and tried a few of their flavors, but I was interested in others as well. To my liking, a very kind individual from the company sent me the 6 flavors that I requested to review. It didn’t take me long to dig into the bars once they arrived at my doorstep. These bars were used for snack at home, school, and as part of my breakfast.  These bars each contain sesame seeds which is the overall base of each bar. This detail makes them different than most vegan bars. I chose the apricot, pineapple, chocolate mint, hazelnut, almond, and cherry flavors. The design of the packaging is adorable, well the healthful facts behind the company are quite perfect.

My favorite amongst the 6 was the pineapple. The coconut in the bar overpowered the pineapple, but there was still a hint of the tropical, sweet taste of pineapple. The chocolate mint tasted like a dark chocolate mint bar that can be replaced as a dessert rather than dairy chocolate. As well, a dessert type bar was the cherry chocolate that had a small cherry in it for flavor, but overall was a tasty treat. Had there been more cherries in it, I would have enjoyed it more. As for the chai almond and hazelnut were similar tasting to me; almond and hazelnut lovers would prefer this flavor as the nut in each were the prevailing taste with spices added for sweetness. Lastly was the apricot bar that had a mix of apricot and coconut. Dried fruit and coconut are a wonderful pairing for vegan bars, if I do say so myself.

While these bars are smaller than other vegan bars, they each have a fair amount of protein and a number of other essential nutrients such as iron, vitamin A, and folate. There are still a few flavors that I have had to try, but I probably will in the near future.

To learn more about the mission behind BumbleBar and the products that they offer, check out their site. http://www.bumblebar.com


One Bar

I received these the same day, that is why the hemp protein is pictured with the one bar. When I first transitioned into being a vegetarian I discovered the world of energy, protein, and fruit bars. I have had countless brands and love having a bar for snack at home and on the go when I need something quick to eat. It makes my day to have a bar from a new brand and share how much I love them with my fellow vegans and my mom. I first found out about one bar at the vitaminshoppe that is located very close to where I live; they have a good selection of vegan bars of which I have bought some in the past. I can even remember the day that I bought and ate One Bar on my walk home from school; it was a good snack to have for walking. The company sent me their three bars which are apple, cherry, and mango. I had one soon after opening the box and the other two the following day. If you are a fruit lover like myself, you will love these sweet snacks that is just like eating the actual fruit. The mango one was just as sweet as a mango is and quite chewy. The cherry flavor was very sweet, not sour at all, and perfect really. Lastly, the apple I enjoyed in my bio class since I was getting hungry. It tasted like tart green apples; first sweet and then sour. Each one was delicious and perfect to buy a box for yourself and friends. I can’t wait to see what flavors they have in store for the future.

Check out their bars: http://theonebar.com