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Food Should Taste Good

Early this year I contacted Food Should Taste Good and soon filled out the blogger form to hopefully receive product samples. To my delight, I received 4 bags from them. While I try to eat enough produce daily, I still have salty and savory snacks too. That being said, those snacks should to be gmo free, organic, made with minimal and quality ingredients, and of course vegan. I follow Food Should Taste Good on Facebook as I do with dozens of other vegan and raw vegan companies. This allows me to see what developments they have with new products, any giveaways/contests/, and if and when any products are becoming non-gmo certified. It can be hard to choose what vegan company to choose from based upon the healthfulness and nutritiousness of it . Food Should Taste Good makes it simple for the consumer to view the back of the bag and identify the product being gluten free, low sodium, certified vegan, all natural, no msg, and for several now non-gmo. While shopping, reading labels is Always Always a must. How else can I be a smart vegan shopper if I am not aware of what I am buying. Thus, choosing to sample Food Should Taste Good was a smart and easy decision on my part.

On my doorstep a few months back, I was given the Kettle Corn, Cantina, Blue Corn, and Chocolate Chips. Since the Chocolate flavor was not vegan, I gave the bag to my mom to have instead. She seemed to like it as a snack when I asked her what she thought of them. While I have been guiding her to new vegan foods, any step away from grossly processed snacks is a plus. As for the three that I throughly enjoyed, I did share a small portion of the chips with my boyfriend, but I mainly snacked on them myself. I can not remember the last time I had kettle corn vegan or not, but these chips hit the spot. While it is a great sweet snack, an option could be to eat them as a replacement of popcorn when watching a movie because the sweetness is a perfect addition. The Cantina are pretty salty for my taste, but I enjoyed them until the last chip was left.  For those that like a thinner, lighter tasting chip, the Blue Corn would be one to choose. It wasn’t as salty as the previous one mentioned, and can be used with guacamole or salsa. Each variety had its own individual taste and were all enjoyed very much by me.

I have seen the new varities of chips that Food Should Taste Good has produced and can not wait to try them out. They are often on sale at Whole Foods and has a dollar off two bags. If you have the chance, don’t pass by Food Should Taste Good.

Take a gander at the new flavors: http://www.foodshouldtastegood.com/