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No Bluffin' Banana Muffin

I recently discovered a new brand of bars that currently produce two vegan flavors. While looking for a fruit cup at school two weeks ago because of my lack of a lunch, I noticed the JIMMYBAR! and knew right away that they were healthy and possibly vegan. Finding vegan snacks at my school is quite slim, so these were a treat to find. When trying  any new vegan brand that I am interested in, I am intrigued to found the brand’s site, like them on facebook, and message/comment to them that I have just bought and will soon try their food/drink. Thus, that is exactly what I did when I was first trying the bars.

The two vegan options were “No Bluffin’ Banana Muffin and “Super Hip Chocolate Chip” which I have purchased two of each now; they are both gluten-free, dairy-free, and natural. The banana flavor consisted of only bananas, dates, almonds, walnuts & crisp brown rice. Having minimal ingredients in vegan bars is a plus and you can really taste each one. I thought that it tasted very much like banana bread; it was chewy, sweet near the end of a bite, and crunchy from the nuts. It is a perfect light snack option that wasn’t too sweet or dry. As for the chocolate one, to me it was as if I was eating a healthy crunchy chocolate chip cookie; sweet for a dessert, but like the banana one, it wasn’t overly sweet. I would recommended these two those that want a healthy snack at school, work, home, or when running errands for sure. I am definitely interested in tasting their other bars and was told that they are coming out with new flavors soon. As well, JIMMYBAR! is a Chicago based company which makes supporting them even better. I will surely keep an eye on their progress of the company. 


For more information on JIMMYBAR!, check out their site. http://jimmybars.com/