Attune Foods- Erewhon Cereal

Before and while I was vegetarian, I ate cereal fairly often for breakfast or a snack. Once I cut out dairy milk, I transitioned into soy milk and now drink almond, coconut, oat, and hemp. The variety of vegan cereals on the market is extensive and is a much healthier option to that of the national brand cereals that are filled with sugar, artificial and unknown ingredients to the human body. It honestly scares me that parents buy these sugary cereals for their children everyday without a second thought. As for me, I continue to learn that what you put in your body, is what fuels you and makes you stronger. Thus, every food choice should be a thoughtful and conscious one.

Ergo, I was more than happy to receive three boxes of Erewhon Cereal at my door earlier this year. My choices included the Strawberry Crisp Cereal, the Rye and Hemp, and finally the Quinoa and Chia. I was quickly drawn to the Strawberry flavor since it is one of my favorite fruits. I had that one first and it as perfectly sweet; similar to Special K strawberry cereal, but much healthy of course. The benefits for the cereal, and what I love to spot on packages is that it is USDA organic, non-gmo verified, and made with organic brown rice and corn meal. Additionally, it is gluten free and has 14 grams of whole grain. The short list of ingredients is a major plus for a vegan cereal as well. This is a an optimal option for anyone’s breakfast.

As for the Quinoa and Chia variety, this one intrigued me because I love superfoods. Thus having them be two of the main ingredients present, is great. While the cereal alone with a non-dairy milk is on the plain side, I added in fresh banana, frozen blueberries, dried cherries, and cranberries to include for sweetness. Another fact I look for on the label, is the amount of protein per serving. Protein isn’t a huge part of this type of breakfast, but in the case of Quinoa, there is 6 grams of protein per serving. As well, the Rye and Hemp has the same amount of protein and contains minimal ingredients that are organic too.

While I finished the majority of the strawberry one already, I have plenty still left of the Rye and Hemp. I could imagine that it can also be used for a vegan parfait or a homemade trail mix. A healthy consumer can not go wrong with choosing the Erewhon variety of cereals at all.

To learn more about the AttuneFoods Company and their Erewhon cereals, go to the provided link.