One Bar

I received these the same day, that is why the hemp protein is pictured with the one bar. When I first transitioned into being a vegetarian I discovered the world of energy, protein, and fruit bars. I have had countless brands and love having a bar for snack at home and on the go when I need something quick to eat. It makes my day to have a bar from a new brand and share how much I love them with my fellow vegans and my mom. I first found out about one bar at the vitaminshoppe that is located very close to where I live; they have a good selection of vegan bars of which I have bought some in the past. I can even remember the day that I bought and ate One Bar on my walk home from school; it was a good snack to have for walking. The company sent me their three bars which are apple, cherry, and mango. I had one soon after opening the box and the other two the following day. If you are a fruit lover like myself, you will love these sweet snacks that is just like eating the actual fruit. The mango one was just as sweet as a mango is and quite chewy. The cherry flavor was very sweet, not sour at all, and perfect really. Lastly, the apple I enjoyed in my bio class since I was getting hungry. It tasted like tart green apples; first sweet and then sour. Each one was delicious and perfect to buy a box for yourself and friends. I can’t wait to see what flavors they have in store for the future.

Check out their bars:


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